7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

As you know many Sellers that have an appraisal completed on their home or investment property  have questions about the listing and appraisal process.

After doing this for a long time, the questions are generally the same good questions.

To make it easier, I thought I would answer the typical ones in this article.

1. How long do I list my house for?

Usually we ask for a 90 day listing authority. Remember, with me you have an automatic “out” if I don’t deliver on my promises to you in the form of A FULL RISK REVERSAL GUARANTEE.

  • What this means is that you are able to terminate the contract by advising me directly if you feel we haven’t delivered on our promises to you.  No questions asked.
  • No one that I am aware of in this area has a guarantee anything near that for absolute peace of mind.

2. What happens if you don’t live up to your promise, am I stuck?

No. As at time of writing, I am the only local agent that I am aware of that offers a full risk reversal guarantee in writing.

  • You will receive it at the time of listing, a full service guarantee and a “you can sack me” clause absolutely guaranteeing I cannot take you for granted.

3. Shouldn’t I use more than one agent?

It is not recommended to do this. The theory may be that it creates competition but in fact the  opposite usually occurs. You usually end up “defacto” to the worst agent.

  • The buyers will call both agents, and the agent they perceive the “softest touch” will get the offer, as the buyer would prefer to deal with the weakest agent.
  • Find one agent you trust, who is competent and give 100% support and commitment to that one agent.
  • That agent should conjunct with all other local agents anyway.

4. Will you discount your fees?

I will always happily discuss selling fees.

  • In every industry there are always low cost providers, as well as premium service providers, and everything in between.
  • We offer an exclusive high end, high touch personalised boutique experience. A little like fine-dining as an analogy.
  • Please don’t fall for appointing a cheap agent thinking it means you will save money.
  • A great agent will sell for more and fight hard to maximise your nett after sales commission price.
  • A great agent is cheaper by the value they provide in influencing the outcome.
  • We will always be competitive, and make sure fees is not the reason you choose or do not choose me. I want your business, but your home is too valuable to risk a cheap agent.

5. Why can’t I test the market at a higher price?
You can.

  • I absolutely understand the need for Sellers to have the hope of a premium Buyer and price. We both want that for you.
  • There are sensible ways to do this (normally with a no price campaign for the first 21-30 days or so), which does not run the risk of you missing the market by starting optimistically, and then having the problem of being overpriced and looking stale.
  • Let me discuss this with you in detail.
  • My strategy is always about trying a little higher, and we do this early.

6. Who pays for marketing and advertising costs?

Usually, the seller pays to market their own property.

  • This is negotiated property by property and is part of the overall listing details.
  • Packages that start from a modest investment of around $1,800 right up to full blown serious marketing campaigns. ($5,000 plus).
  • The difference is in what is actually provided.  I often hear ‘but agent X is prepared to pay the marketing’ – I can very confidently advise that they will not be undertaking the same marketing.
  • Fully customise how we do this to your wishes, budget and the outcome you require.

7. Who will be handling my sale?

I will be your listing representative and handling the sale.

  • I personally design the marketing, do the negotiations, handle the listing with you, the seller, and supervise the whole listing and selling process.

I hope you find the above helpful.  If you have any further questions please feel free to email me on jason@abelproperty.com.au  any other questions you may have.

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